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Online-Consultation HUMAN: Borreliosis & Co Infections

Borreliosis or Lyme Disease is a complex and often misdiagnosed disease. It is often the case that patients have to suffer for many years with their debilitating chronic symptoms before they find any kind of help. This is because Borreliosis symptoms can be difficult to classify, in spite of the wide spread presence of the pathogen across many parts of the world.

In this consultation hour you will receive valuable information about the condition and the holistic possibilities to help support your patients.


  • What are the different clinical pictures that can be triggered by Borrelia?
  • Which co-infections are there and how can they be treated?
  • Therapy possibilities from a holistic perspective, including application of CTT test kits
  • Q&A opportunity

The recording lasts 2,5 hours.

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