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Online-Consultation HUMAN: Vaccination part 1

For this ONLINE consultation, Dr. Rauch has compiled for you the most important information on the subject of vaccination in a compact and up-to-date manner.
She shows how energetic blockages are removed and how you can stabilize and accompany your patients in acute and chronic viral diseases.
You will learn how to support your patients with the bioresonance method.

Main topics:

How can I support my patients who are/were vaccinated energetically before and after vaccination?
What possibilities do I have as a bioresonancetherapist to remove energetic blockages caused by vaccinations?
How can I use the bioresonancedevice supportively in the prevention and accompanying therapy of acute and chronic viral diseases?
How do I apply the KTT and the new vaccine vials and supplement test kits?

The recording lasts 1,5 hours.

Hinweis: Sie erhalten in den nächsten 1-3 Werktagen per E-Mail den Link zu Ihrer gekauften Aufzeichnung sowie weitere Informationen zur Buchung.

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